Thursday, August 6, 2015

When will it be a WOMAN'S WORLD ?

It's a man's world ! Will there ever be a Woman's world ? Even a Dog has his day ! Will the Woman have her Day too ? I wonder when we shall not have to be a Wonder Women to survive in this world ?
In this fast , modern , so called equal e world have you heard of even 1 % of horror men stories as compared to women's ? Due to this discrimination Women have not been able to find their comfort zone when they can be true to themselves . Either they are Feminists , rebel the system , climb the ladder of success on a vengeance as if they have a point to prove or they just settle to the way the system perceives them. Most of the time they don't even realize they have compromised to the system because we have not seen any other way ! Just look aroumd yourself and look at yourself !

1. Who will have to quit the job to bring up children , You because while growing up it is not wired into the man's system. He will have to compromise on his Manlihood if he has to quit , Really Manlihood is more fragile than a woman's hymen , it breaks so easily!

2. Who will be responsible for food in the house ? Either the woman or the maid ( not a very wise option , she can never feed you with the love of a parent and then parents complain of having a tough time with parenting . Even a dog becomes a slave of the person who feeds him. The way to your child's heart is through his stomach . Children always remember the good stuff their mother used to cook for them throughout their lives). Time for men to make a place in their child's heart !

3. It has become extremely unfair for the woman of today . She is educated enough to want to have a multidimensional personality but still has a house to run single handedly . Where is the man who vowed to support her in worse and or in better ?

4. It is the woman who leaves her house to adjust to all in her husbands family , to look after them . How many give that support to her family ? If the man talks to them nicely and respects them, is a big high for the woman ! Is that fair ?

Well , you have seen it like that and you believe that is the norm but who made these norms ?
What do you think is the reason for this plight ? Because woman is alone , there is no unity , no support from other women. She has rivals , competeters , dominaters but rarely supporters !
We women can change that ! WOW is one such group who has integrated women where women are trying to support each other. It will be tough , we are not used to it but let's give it a try .

Our collection of sarees and blouses is an Ode to the changing Women of today . She who is feminine , independent , powerful , friendly and a True Human Being . That is what being a Woman is !

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