Tuesday, August 18, 2015

Looks Do Matter !

Have you ever been to a parlour and seen a lady dressed only in a robe and tried guessing what she does for a living or what kind of a person she is ? She kind of appears sans any character but the moment she is dressed in her normal clothes , it is as if a character has come alive ! You have already woven a story about her in seconds scanning her from top to bottom , about what kind of a person she is , what profession she is in , if she is rich and flamboyant , vain or an intellectual !

Isn't that interesting ? Do clothes and the way we dress up talk so much that isn't it ironical that we are more exposed to others with clothes than without ?
Would you be willing to put your trust in a guy wearing Pyjamas to fly a plane ? But the moment he is dressed in a Uniform ( might be a costume dress ) our mind is programmed to think that the guy is capable of delivering . Whoever thinks that taking care to dress up is a vain thing is just kidding himself ! A shabbily dressed man is totally judged to be shabby in his work too. Do think about this . You might not be getting the kind of job opportunities you think you deserve just because you have not been able to package yourself in the right wrapping paper !

And then there is the case of overdressing . This person is flashing brands from every pore of his body ! From a Christian  Dior goggles , jimmy choo shoes , Mk bag , latest I phone , diamond jewellery , the works ! The only thing not on display to their dismay is the price tag ! Such people are screaming (not literally though) from the top of their voices , Look I am not confident about what my style is but I am wearing what is  'The accepted.' They are saying , take me seriously because I am rich ! And I must say that this does work for most of them , they are speaking the truth !

And then there are also people who  defy all laws of nature and Mahatma Gandhi is one such person . He never looked like the Man who changed the destiny of India but then you have to be a Man or woman of extraordinary greatness to reach the levels 'Where Looks don't matter' !
Till then , for us Mortals 'Looks do matter' !:)

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