Saturday, August 8, 2015

Applique embroidery !

Applique , is a French word which means to join or attach . Applique is a surface type of embroidery where a piece of cloth is stitched on to another larger cloth in the form of some pattern. It's early use was to strengthen worn out areas or serve as a patch over holes but soon developed into a creative form and used by many cultures .

An applique kurta with Ikkat fabric used for applique:
The Ralli quilts from Sindh , Pakistan and western India were made from recycled and hand dyed cloth had very intricate and complex patterns. These designs were not written down but passed down for centries from mother to daughter. These Ralli applique quilts have gained much popularity and exhibited in several US museums.
In the US the Amish are a group of traditional Christian church people who have still not adopted the modern way of living make beautiful applique quilts .

A white kurta inspired by applique embroidery :
Applique became very popular in the mid 1800's by fashionable ladies !

The ancient Egyptians used applique in their garments. During the middle ages Applique was used in ceremonial garments . In the 18th and 19th century it was part of the decoration on national festival costumes and ethnic folk dress.

Cut out flowers appliqued on to a tunic along with mirrors.
The Poodle skirt , was a felt skirt with Poodle applique which became a rage in the US among teenager girls in the 50's. In the 1960's the Hippies or the flower children customized their apparel with Appliques. Many fashion designers like Moschino , Gianni Versace have used applique in their lines .
A kaftan with gold lotus applique embroidery :
Closer to home in Barmer , Rajasthan, applique is used to make kurta designs , cushions , bedcovers and quilts . It is an art form which can be adapted to suit and depict different cultures !  

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