Tuesday, August 4, 2015

Muslin , Fabric of the summer !

It's been a busy and an exciting day today . A couple of inspiring meetings and the excitement of working on my new collection. It is hot summer , so Muslin is the fabric which comes to the rescue. A sensual fabric because of its sheer effect and good drapability .

  1. Our new collection is a layered Muslin kurta which celebrates the Mughal era with embellishments of the Mughal boota in thread and sequins. It is styled simply to suit the present day workability yet royal in soul. A picture of the traditional Mughal boota :
  • We have also used cream Muslin to create an outfit which is an Indian Anarkali but inspired by the Polish culture for it's embroidered jacket. The polish outfit is shown below:
  • Below is the outfit inspired by the polish culture :
  • This is an embroidered jacket with a floral pattern celebrating Polish culture and spring !
A cushion in cream inspired by the same motifs !

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