Friday, August 14, 2015

Celebrating 69 years of Independence !

It is hot and humid inside the DDA office , an authority on Delhi Development ,works as slow as the the fan hanging above ! They work like the Delhi roads which are perpetually dug up which never get repaired but 'Work is always in Progress'.
We are looking for a Mr. Omprakash who is hiding behind mountains of files , looking extremely busy. Now to get across to Mr. Omprakash , we really have to do Om ka Jaap because everything else doesn't seem to work ! And no one dare annoy Mr. Om because he is the Almighty here !

Well , well , we have completed 69 years of independence , the magic number of compatibility , but actually far from it ! We complain , we crib but in the end , Please someone like Mr. Omprakash ?

This Independence Day , let us be true to our Flag !

The Saffron represents Strength and courage: have the strength and the courage to ask for clean drinking water , safe environment , goods roads , good garbage disposal and good governance !

The white represents peace : respect each one and their religion as all religions preach peace and not terrorism !

The green represents growth : Grow yourself to be an example for others!


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