Friday, July 31, 2015

How I became A fashion Designer !

Hi Friends ,
Let me introduce myself. I am a fashion designer and have my own brand by the name Indie Cotton Route. But how did I become a fashion designer ?
  • Well , it's a long story ! Long ago , around 22 years back I completed my Electronics & communication engineering, though Fashion was my interest always but in those days it was understood that fashion was for people who were vain and daft ! So soon I was working as an applications engineer where I trained people on the CAD/CAM system to design on the computer and connect it with the assembly line for production. I guess you tend to gravitate towards your interest and made my company sponsor me a course in Fashion design (I made them realize it would be of benefit to them who understood their client's language).
  • I thoroughly enjoyed my fashion course but soon had to quit my job as I now had a baby girl to look after at home. My fatherly figure boss in my company who had always pampered me as his own girl tried to get me back by offering me another CAD course from Australia but though I was quite tempted, refrained from it as it would have been very unfair for my company if I had to quit even after my course. How a woman mostly gives priority to her family generally finds little appreciation at home .
  • The thought that I would soon have a single dimensional personality with my movements restricted to home , I decided I could work from home. So came into being a self sustaining ecosystem of tailors , kaarigars , clients all of them who loved creating and we called it SAMSARA ( a cycle of birth and rebirth ) This was later was christened to INDIE COTTON ROUTE as a very big company came up with the same name and we had not registered our company since the intention was creativity and not business !
  • So here I am 22 years in this line , inspired by the movie Julie Julia to write a blog and guided by Anindita , a friend who showed me what a blog is !


  1. Really nice work. Love the simplicity of your writing. You have an inspirational story. Hats off to your journey. Hope your creative ways never to come too an end. Keep going. :)

  2. An inspirational start of a Life Story. Would love to hear more from you .........

  3. Very well written n inspiring life story shalini.