Thursday, May 4, 2017

Artificial Intelligence , an intelligent choice ?

A session on artificial intelligence had my Human intelligence pacing up and down at being threatened by this new kid on the block !

My higher intelligence then descended on my Human intelligence to show me the future !
How crazy is that ? Humans creating AI to eliminate the humans , to reduce humans to nothing more than an appendix in the scheme of things which will have no function except becoming a point of pain !

Is it the thrill of creation or a high to believe that AI has the ability to make life simpler for Humans , is quite an irony because will humans exist then ? Elon Musk is already on his way to installing a chip in the brain to becoming super brains thereby making a Human a part human .
Why would I want to reduce myself to a part human ? to make daily chores easier ? It's a huge price to pay !
Humans have already started living at least 20 percent virtual lives , a life of isolation and we are wanting to make that 100 percent virtual ? How Human will the future Human be ?
A question my higher intelligence is asking ?

Our Khadi Collection is a CELEBRATION of the Human touch , handwoven by Human beings , which will soon be a rarity in the not so distant future !
Enjoy this Art while it is still there , you will tell your future children that Once upon a time Humans made clothes for other Humans and pass on these rare Heritage Khadis to them ! :))

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